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Common Hardwood Floor Installation Used in Construction

Hardwood Floor Types That Are Installed Using Hardwood Floors

In reality, hardwood flooring is the type that is put the most frequently today, particularly in residential buildings. To ensure outstanding work, the preparation and planning for installing hardwood floors take a lot of time. There are various sorts of wood available for this flooring material, which is another fact. Here are the hardwoods you should be aware of before calling the professionals.


Homeowners who prefer hardwood floor installation services do so because of its affordability and marketability. Because they are grown locally, oaks are generally less expensive than other kinds of hardwood. More than just the value, flooring contractors also prefer using Oakwood since they are easy to sand and refinish.

Maple Tree

This kind of hardwood will work best for you if you desire a contemporary appearance for your floor. Compared to oakwood, maple is thicker, tougher, and lighter. Since this hardwood only needs to be maintained at least once a month, most business owners like it. According to a floor contractor, its only drawback is that they are difficult to paint or stain because their pores are tightly shut, preventing the absorption of any liquids.

Hickory Timber

This particular variety of hardwood is the most durable one on the market right now. It is appropriate for homeowners with pets and young children running around. It has a strong resistance to scratches and dents since it is made up of fine grains and pores. Hickory, in contrast to the first two types of hardwood, has a more rustic appearance and a variety of shades that will go well with the hardwood floor installation service and the interiors of your home.

When choosing hardwoods for your institution, you can install just one of these three varieties or all of them. The firm you can trust is McLeod Flooring Specialist LLC when it comes to expert hardwood flooring installation service in Moss Point, MS. In addition to installation and maintenance, we also provide flooring replacement services. Call (251) 458-9192 with any reservations or questions you may have.

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